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LACOSTA Manufacturing Plant KPIs Guide

September 17, 2020
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LACOSTA Manufacturing Plant KPIs Guide

At LACOSTA, one way we set ourselves apart from other janitorial and labor solutions companies is through our use of key performance indicators, also known as KPIs, which allow us to track the performance of our team, adjusting our methods and refining our approach, until we achieve both our client’s goals and our goals. 

KPIs in Managed Labor Solutions

How Do We Set Up KPIs? 

Setting up KPIs comes during step 2 of our 3-step process for implementing our managed labor solution. During this step, we create KPIs, some of which are standard across our job sites and some of which are specific to our client’s business and their needs. 

We do this in close collaboration with our clients in order to ensure that we are not just incorporating our goals and standards into the KPIs but also our clients goals and standards. Looking at our client’s current processes and factoring in their short-term and long-term goals, we develop realistic targets and milestones and an actionable plan to reach them. In doing so, we can ensure that we are on the same page with our clients and ensure that everyone has the same expectations and standards. 

What KPIs are Used?

KPIs vary across industry and from client to client. As such, it is a highly individualized process that focuses on leveraging the unique strengths of our clients while mitigating their weaknesses to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. All-in-all, it is a data driven approach that relies on real, tangible results. As noted, we work closely with our clients to determine what KPIs match the needs and goals of their business best. 

Examples of KPIs that may be used include monitoring of production schedules, load accuracy rates, inventory levels,, pieces packed per hour, on-time shipments, cost per product batch, and more. 

What Happens Once KPIs are Decided On and Work Begins?

We are always striving for perfection at LACOSTA. Our goal is always to deliver the best possible service and results to our clients. As such, our job doesn’t end after we set up KPIs. In fact, this is just the beginning of the process!Once the KPIs are in place, we begin the process of performing our services while reviewing each indicator during scheduled business reviews. As we do this, we are continually developing and laying out improvement initiatives. 

An important aspect of this is keeping our clients in the loop through a transparent and open reporting process. As time elapses and we make progress, our clients get to see red KPIs turn to green, revealing in a tangible, quantitative form the benefits our staff is providing to their business. We do this through daily site reports, monthly partnership meetings, quarterly compliance audits, and annual reviews. 

All of this is designed to continually refine our approach to serving our clients.  This ensures that we don’t become complacent with the status quo and are instead constantly striving to improve and yield better results. 

How Do We Meet KPIs?

Meeting KPIs is done through the simple, age-old process of observation and refinement. After-all, while we might have the world’s best actionable plan, the plan is useless if we cannot monitor the results of our actions to ensure that we are meeting the goals, objectives, and milestones set out in our original plan.

As such, while we watch the indicators adjust based on our methods, we continually tweak our operations. Even the simplest procedural change can have an incredible impact in the long-run. 

Whether it means changing our current processes, introducing new KPIs, providing additional staff training, or something else, we are constantly making adjustments to improve our efficiency to our client’s operations and achieve both their short-term and long-term goals. 

Additionally, our monthly partnership meetings, quarterly compliance audits, and annual reviews give us the opportunity to adjust our strategy, updating our plans and providing our clients with new, actionable insights based on the KPIs and data we gather.

The Results

The success stories surrounding our managed labor solutions speak for themselves regarding our time-tested method and KPI strategy. 

In fact, we are so incredibly confident in our managed labor solutions, if our clients are switching over to us from a temp staffing agency, we guarantee at least a 15% reduction in their “all-in” labor costs. Indeed, it is not uncommon for our clients to save up to 30% on their “all-in” labor costs after making the switch. This can add up to millions of dollars in savings in the long-run!

KPIs in Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services Benefit from KPIs Also

While KPIs are most important in our managed labor solutions, they also play an integral role in our janitorial services. We use KPIs to keep track of a myriad of aspects of our janitorial services to ensure that we are providing the highest quality service to our clients. 

KPIs track outcomes with regards to safety, finances, productivity, results, and more. This includes conducting audits to ensure that our services are meeting the needs and standards of our customer so that their employees feel comfortable and safe in the workplace environment. 


Each business is unique. As such, the needs of our clients often vary drastically, especially due to the number of industries we work with. While we have spent decades refining our approach to managed labor solutions and janitorial services and have implemented our methods across countless worksites across the United States, KPIs are what allow us to actually quantify the positive impact we are having on our clients’ operations. They allow us to see the real, tangible value-add we are bringing to the table. 

It is this adaptability of our services that we pride ourselves on. Instead of bringing each of our clients a stale, one-size-fits-all approach to janitorial services and managed labor solutions, we offer a dynamic, customizable methodology that enables us to provide the best possible service day in and day out. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our services and our use of KPIs could benefit your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to discuss how our methods and procedures would be applicable to your business in particular!

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