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Introducing Bravo

October 6, 2020
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Introducing Bravo

We are product to introduce the new face of our company, a mascot named Bravo.

Bravo is a caring and compassionate armored superhuman that embodies the entire LACOSTA workforce. Bravo’s mission is to lead the team in not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of LACOSTA customers.

“Bravo truly is one of us” says Karla Johnson President at LACOSTA. “Just like our entire LACOSTA team, Bravo embodies our values of integrity, accountability, improvement, citizenship, superior customer service, teamwork and a passion to excel”.

Besides using Bravo as a symbol to encompass the strength of all essential workers, LACOSTA also aims to utilize our new mascot as an anchor for our new UniSheild system which is set to roll out in late October.

This UniSheild system consists of five concepts, all of which are upheld by Bravo and are represented as symbols on his shield.

“The inspiration to create a LACOSTA mascot came about gradually and naturally” says Karla Johnson, President at LACOSTA. “Every time we performed a service for our customers, they would complement our work by saying bravo! We wanted to adopt that feeling and so the name and concept for Bravo was born”.

Bravo will represent LACOSTA in the community as our new voice!

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