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How to Satisfy Your Janitorial Needs Once & For All: Partner vs. Vendor

February 12, 2020
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How to Satisfy Your Janitorial Needs Once & For All: Partner vs. Vendor

Can you trust your cleaning service to keep you tour-ready, audit-ready and employee-ready, every day – without micromanaging them?

It isn’t hard to find a cleaning service. So why is it so hard to find one that can get the job done without constant oversight and supervision?

What would it take to keep your facility looking great all the time, so that you never have to sweat the arrival of auditors, customers or visitors from headquarters? And never have to worry about the risks that dirty floors and bathrooms pose to your employees’ health and morale?

Why Cleaning Services Fail

Cleaning breakdowns typically occur because of two reasons.

Lack of Onsite Management

Few cleaning services manage their employees onsite and many rely on their staff filling out checklists to ensure accountability. It’s a system that can leave giant gaps in accountability that some employees will exploit.

Onsite supervision is the only way to ensures that the job is done well, that cleaning performance metrics and KPIs that align with yours are achieved, and that cleaning requests are satisfied in a timely manner.

Onsite supervision also provides a reliable channel of communication so you’re not left working to track down an elusive corporate overseer in an attempt to communicate problems to an after-hours cleaning crew.

Under-Valued Employees

High turnover, employee shortages, low employee morale, and shoddy or inconsistent work is a consequence of services that use workers who are underpaid and typically working with no benefits or opportunities for advancement. They’re not invested in doing high-quality work and they’re unlikely to be around long enough to learn what is expected. These employees will leave as soon as they find a better paying job.

Partnering with a Janitorial Service

As an alternative to traditional cleaning services, partnering with a janitorial service that provides onsite management and competitive compensation for its employees is the key to consistent, long-term success. Partnering also frees your time so you can focus on tasks that offer more value than micromanaging your cleaning service.

A Positive Image Impacts Morale

With the right janitorial services partner, you no longer have to dread potential tours, audits or complaints from executive management. Your plant floor, restrooms, offices, and common areas will simply always be clean – as they should be, and without your having to monitor them every day.

Run-down or dirty facilities are more than a compliance risk. They can also damage company morale. A dirty work environment is a sign to your workers that you don’t care about them. A reliable janitorial partner helps create an environment that builds morale – with results you will see, both in the shine on your floors and the satisfaction and retention of your employees.

LACOSTA Janitorial

At LACOSTA, we partner with our clients, offering onsite management, motivated employees, green chemicals, and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to keep your facility clean and provide a morale boost you and your employees deserve.

To ensure consistent and high-quality service, LACOSTA complies with the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). Our extensive experience in FDA and GMP-regulated environments makes us an industry leader in food processing and pharmaceutical facilities.

Are you ready for a different kind of janitorial partner? Contact us for a free site evaluation or quote and see how you can benefit from our partnership approach to janitorial services.

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