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How to Combat The “Sunday Scaries”

January 4, 2022
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How to Combat The “Sunday Scaries”

You enjoyed your weekend or day off from work, but tomorrow it’s time to get back to it. The “Sunday Scaries” describes the feeling of apprehension that most of us get the evening before another work week. 

When you feel uneasy about getting back to work, know that you are not alone –  according to new LinkedIn research, 80% of professionals experience the Sunday Scaries. Here are some tips and tricks to help prep for the week ahead:

Take Action: Before your thoughts take over — grab a pen and paper. Jot down brief notes of what you need to get done. Having a plan of action can help you hit the ground running and put your mind at ease. 

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin: Your work week can feel non-stop in terms of work, social and family obligations, and exercise routines. Try to give yourself a couple of nights to recharge and unwind instead of leaving yourself exhausted for the week ahead. 

Treat yourself: Try not to let your chores pile up for Sunday night. Instead spread your errands and chores out throughout the week so you can leave Sunday for relaxing. Whether you try cooking a new recipe or have a movie night, fill your Sunday with something fun to distract your mind and help your recharge! 

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