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How Much Water Do You Really Need?

November 24, 2021
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How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Water is one of the few essential elements of life; we all need it! Staying hydrated throughout the day is something that we should all strive for. In the last few years, there’s been some debate about how much water we need to be drinking daily.  

Some sources claim that you need more than a gallon of water daily, while other sources opt for a “see how you feel” approach, and don’t give a specific amount. To help clear up some of this confusion, and help you figure out the best hydration plan for you, we are setting the story straight. 

  • Listen To Your Body – It’s true that your body can tell you when you are dehydrated! IF you’re not sure if you’ve had enough water in the day, pinch the skin on your lower arm. If it snaps back into its position, you’re healthy and hydrated! If it slowly returns to its position, you should drink some water. 
  • It’s Different For Everyone – Every person’s metabolism, diet, and water intake needs will be different. Athletes or people who do strenuous labor tasks during the day should be drinking more water than most people. Also, people with specific health concerns may not need to drink as much water!
  • Space It Out- To get you on the right track, most experts generally recommend 4-6 glasses of water daily. In this case, a glass is equivalent to 8 ounces. Try this amount for water intake, and see if it fits for you. Adjust your water intake accordingly!

Do you have any tips or tricks for better water drinking habits?

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