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Healthy Snacks You’ll Actually Eat

January 12, 2022
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Healthy Snacks You’ll Actually Eat

After the holidays, many of those leftover cakes and pies in our kitchens are finally dwindling away. While these sweets can taste delicious, the energy they offer is unsustainable and can leave us feeling exhausted..

A great change to make in the new year is to replace some of our old snacking habits with new ones, opting for healthier, more energy sustaining options.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite healthy snacks that power us through the day:

  • Carrots with hummus. Instead of oily french fries, opt for a crisp, peppery option instead. Dip a few crunchy carrots in a savory, spicy hummus and tackle your next task with ease.
  • Mixed nuts. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are filled with healthy fats that give your body long-lasting energy. If you’re feeling up for it, sprinkle a bit of curry powder in a can of mixed nuts to give each bite a spicy kick.
  • Greek yogurt with granola. Packed with protein, this dairy snack can taste like a treat when you add unsweetened, crunchy granola.

Let us know your favorite healthy snack and how you’re staying energized in the new year.

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