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Defining Love Languages

February 9, 2022
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Defining Love Languages

It has been found that love is expressed and received in 5 different ways. Each person communicates and prefers to receive ‘love’ in these ways. Understanding other “love languages” can help improve communication and respect in your relationships.

While love languages were first thought of in romantic relationships, they also help in professional relationships. Learning the five workplace “love languages” will help you give your team members the proper respect, recognition, and appreciation that they deserve.

  1. Words of affirmation — Take a moment each day to be grateful for your coworkers. If there’s a coworker you admire, let them know. It always feels great to know that your hard work is appreciated.
  2. Quality time — When you’re talking with your team members, be present and give your coworkers undivided attention when they’re speaking.
  3. Acts of Service — If someone’s struggling with their workload and you have a spare moment, lend a hand to show that you recognize and value their effort. 
  4. Gifts — Simply bringing in an extra coffee or sharing a snack can mean a world of difference to the right person.
  5. Empathy — Ask your coworkers how they’re feeling and really listen closely. If they’re struggling with something, let them know that you care and want to help.

Ask your coworkers when they’ve felt most valued in the workplace and brainstorm ideas to make each of your team members (including you) feel appreciated.

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