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October 6, 2021
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For some people, Covid-19 might be something that’s mostly in the past, as more aspects of life are returning to normal. For other people like our essential workers, Covid-19 has never left, and still presents an immediate danger. Even though we all experienced the same initial pandemic, a whole lot has happened since then.

It’s been nearly two years since the beginning of the pandemic, so what’s changed, and what do we still need to know about Covid-19?

  • It’s Not Over Yet – As much as all of us want to return to a life before Covid-19 struck, we also need to accept that the virus isn’t gone, and there is still some significant danger; particularly for the unvaccinated or most-at-risk. 
  • Masks and Vaccines – Though both of these things have become heavily politicized, they have also been shown to be very effective at preventing, slowing the spread of the virus, and minimizing the symptoms and side effects if a person contracts the virus. By choosing to avoid either wearing a mask or getting vaccinated (or both), you are likely at a much higher risk of contracting Covid-19. 
  • New Priorities – The last two years have opened a lot of people’s eyes to new priorities and values. More workers are finding they want an improved work-life balance, and on average, people are spending more time with their families and people they care about! 
  • Changes- As we mentioned before, plenty of things have changed in the world. The pandemic has forced everyone to implement better cleaning practices, and there is a greater focus on mental health and public health. 

How have you managed through the pandemic? What did you notice that’s changed?

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