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Conversation Starter: Healthy Lunch Options

September 1, 2021
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Conversation Starter: Healthy Lunch Options

So many of us often wish we could eat healthier. But we all know that between the time it takes to cook, the price of groceries, and how busy our work/life schedules are, eating healthy can sometimes be the last thing we think about.

A great first step for adding healthy food into your life is by starting by focusing on eating one “healthy” meal a day.  This helps you develop good cooking and eating habits, without it being overwhelming. 

Some people have found it helpful to meal prep, cook and package meals on Sundays for the upcoming week.

For a person on a full-time work schedule, your best option for eating healthy is likely going to be your lunch! 

Here are a few healthy lunch ideas to help you get started!

  • Greek Salad – Most types of salad are going to be great, healthy options, but with Greek and Mediterranean salads like this one, you get more protein and flavor! 
  • Lettuce Bun Burger – We all love a good burger, and if prepared properly, it can be a surprisingly solid meal. Replace your burger buns with lettuce for some extra veggies and crunch.
  • Soup – Even if it’s not your first thought, soup makes for an easy, healthy meal that’s perfect for a convenient work lunch.  

What are your favorite healthy foods?


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