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Conversation Starter: Digital Stress

September 9, 2021
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Conversation Starter: Digital Stress

This last year has seen most of us spend a lot more time in front of a screen.  Between remote work and school, and the time we already spend on social media, there’s a pretty new phenomenon people are calling “Digital Stress.” 

Digital Stress is created by the overuse of digital outlets and tools and from any negative feeling you get from an online interaction; whether it’s an email, text, call, or social media post. Whenever any one of these things causes you to stress, you may be experiencing Digital Stress!

So how do you deal with it?

  • Limit Screen Time- The easiest way to avoid digital stress is by avoiding digital screens altogether! Take some time to read, exercise, or catch up on some sleep; your screens will always be there. Avoid all screen time one hour before you want to fall asleep, as this disrupts your sleep patterns.
  • Find a Friendly Face- Making an effort to speak to people face to face can go a long way towards reducing digital stress. Try to have more personal interactions with the people around you, instead of through texting or video chatting.
  • Just Let Go- One of the biggest reasons people experience digital stress is because they don’t want to miss what’s happening in the world. Take a breath and appreciate who and what is around you NOW. Your interactions will be more meaningful.

What else can you do to avoid digital stress?

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