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Conversation Starter: Breathing Techniques For A Mask

September 28, 2021
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Conversation Starter: Breathing Techniques For A Mask

From the pandemic, we were all able to learn how effective a mask can be to stop the spread of sickness! However, we also learned how uncomfortable a mask can be, and adjusting to wearing a mask frequently can be difficult. In particular, people haven’t enjoyed breathing in masks, as it can feel constricting, which can frighten some people. 

Wearing a mask is necessary, for your safety, and everyone else’s, but if you’re struggling with breathing in a mask, there are some steps you can take to make it easier!

  • Breathe mostly through your nose – Taking big, deep breaths through your mouth can make it more difficult to breathe, as the fabric of the mask is closer to your face than what is normally comfortable. If you focus on breathing through your nose, there is less breath to account for, and it can feel less suffocating!
  • Slow it down- Breathing quickly can also make breathing more difficult in a mask. Try to slow down your breathing, and take steady, measured breaths.  This helps you be mindful about your breathing, which helps to reduce the feeling of being trapped.
  • Take frequent breaks – Wearing a mask for a long period of time can be draining, even if your breathing is fine! Try to give yourself breaks from wearing the mask if you’re out and about for a long time.  Use a restroom, or step outside, and just breathe without the mask for a few minutes. 
  • Practice your breathing – Doing some breath practice can help you feel more comfortable with a mask! Practicing breath control, and proper breathing techniques will certainly help with breathing through a mask. 

What is your favorite mask to use? Do you have any other breathing tips that could be helpful?

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