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Case Study: Manufacturer Finds Outsourced Janitorial Service Doesn’t Have to Be a Messy Job

September 12, 2019
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Case Study: Manufacturer Finds Outsourced Janitorial Service Doesn’t Have to Be a Messy Job

Automotive Manufacturer Saves 500 Hours of Management Time Per Year by Trusting LACOSTA as Their Managed Janitorial Service Provider

When a global auto parts supplier set out to find a new janitorial contractor for two Midwestern manufacturing sites last year, the situation was grim. The company’s current janitorial services provider was plagued by turnover, shortages and poor employee morale – and the evidence was piling up everywhere they looked.

Overflowing trash bins, dirty bathrooms and a steady stream of disagreements between the company’s workers and its managers left supervisors of the auto parts company frequently having to intervene.

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Busy Manufacturer Left Holding the Trash Bag

With 3,000 employees and 1.5 million square feet of facility and office space at two sites – and a three-shift work schedule – the manufacturer was desperately in need of reliable janitorial help that could get the job done without constant supervision.

With the situation devolving into a constant drain of time and morale, the company knew their janitorial service had to be replaced. LACOSTA was hired to take over, beginning with the dirty job of cleaning up areas that had been long neglected.

A Difference Measured in Time and Morale

With the efforts of a well-trained and dedicated LACOSTA crew working under a system of KPIs and onsite management, conditions improved dramatically. Employee break rooms and bathrooms were properly cleaned and supplied, trash was emptied and a regular schedule of periodic tasks like floor work, carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing was put into place.

LACOSTA’s onsite supervisor managed the process, allowing the manufacturer’s employees to to go back to focusing on their own work instead of having to manage an unreliable outside cleaning crew. Employees noticed the difference immediately. But it was a difference that could be measured in more than emptied trash cans, clean break rooms and refilled toilet paper dispensers. The manufacturer’s representatives overseeing the contract measured their relief in savings of time and aggravation.

Highlights of the Case Study

A key LACOSTA difference is the result of employees who take pride in their work and in the cleanliness of the manufacturer’s facilities.

Read our case study to learn more about the difference the LACOSTA model made for this client, including:

  • Training and supervision that ensures that the LACOSTA crew is meeting established KPIs
  • A wage and benefits package that keeps LACOSTA employees on the job
  • A proactive approach to problem solving means that the LACOSTA team doesn’t have to be told what to do
  • LACOSTA hires good people and treats them with respect
  • 500 hours saved in time the manufacturer does not have to spend micromanaging the janitorial services

“A big part of the difference,” says a maintenance engineer at the facility, “is the fact that LACOSTA’s team tends to remain the same. “The people I see on the day shift (and part of second shift) have pretty much been the same people,” he says. “It helps just having that longevity, and the ability to keep good people.”

From day one, LACOSTA worked closely with the manufacturer to determine KPIs, pinpoint the services needed, and execute a timely operation to restore the cleanliness and working conditions of the facilities.

Want to learn more about the difference LACOSTA made? Download the Case Study Below.

You can also give us a call or click on the link below to learn more about our managed labor options for your facility.

Download the Case Study PDF

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