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4 Qualities You Need in a Post-Pandemic Janitorial Partner

May 13, 2020
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4 Qualities You Need in a Post-Pandemic Janitorial Partner

“Clean” can seem like a whole different concept in the wake of the COVID-19 threat. And in many ways, it is.

But at LACOSTA, our janitorial services were built around a different standard long before there was such a thing as black market hand sanitizer and six feet of space between people lining up for toilet paper.

These are strange times, but when it comes to clean, at LACOSTA, we are in our element. “Clean enough” was never good enough for our clients, a list that includes pharmaceutical and health care facilities.

It shouldn’t be good enough for your facility either.

Whether you are manufacturing consumer products, industrial supplies or operating government or educational facilities, putting up with mediocre or unreliable janitorial services is not going to cut it anymore – if it ever did.

You need a janitorial partner capable of a lot more than just “clean enough.” You need a partner capable of providing an array of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services that you can rely on. You need a partner that can help you instill confidence in your workers, your customers and your visitors that your facilities are safe in a world now hyper-aware of the health risks that inadequate cleaning processes can spread. You need LACOSTA.

A Janitorial Partner for the Rebound and Whatever Comes Next

According to scientists, COVID-19 won’t be our last pandemic. But the right preventive measures are an investment in far more than just emergency preparedness. They’re an investment in the everyday health of your business, from preventing the spread of more ordinary viral illnesses, allergies and health risks to instilling the confidence and morale boost that comes from a clean and safe working environment.

The right janitorial partner is about more than the cleaning processes; it’s about reliability and customer service you don’t have to worry about, whether you’re facing a health threat or a visit from auditors.

Here’s what to look for as you move forward:

1. A Consistent Crew

For many cleaning agencies, the hired crew changes from day-to-day. High turnover requires these companies to send a steady stream of new workers into your business, elevating your risk of exposure and leaving you dependent on a crew still learning the job. A reliable janitorial service will have recruiting, hiring and training processes that let them hire better people, provide better jobs and drive turnover down, ensuring consistent, high-quality results from a more experienced crew that becomes part of your team.

2. State-Of-The-Art Technology

Preventive cleaning is here to stay, and now there’s a tool that should be in every janitorial toolbox: ATP testing. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing measures the existence of actively growing microorganisms, including viruses and other pathogens. Offered by select providers, this test is performed both before and after a deep cleaning to determine the level of environmental cleanliness. While traditionally performed for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, this measure is quickly becoming standard practice for all common workspaces. At LACOSTA Facility Services, our janitorial teams can perform weekly, monthly or quarterly ATP tests for our customers, providing peace of mind and a decreased risk of viral exposure.

3. Customized Site Requirements and Best Practices

A professional janitorial service will approach sanitization from two sides: site-specific requirements and regulatory standards. The right partner will have expertise in the standards of the FDA, GMP, CDC, and more, offering daily reporting, monthly meetings, and frequent reviews with your senior leadership to update and evaluate the safety of your environment. As your employees return to the workplace, you will want a clear strategy for mitigating any form of outbreak. The right janitorial partner works in collaboration to ensure a job done right.

4. A Track Record of High Standards and Happy Clients

With clients in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, we have decades of experience in sanitizing and disinfecting high-risk spaces. As a family-owned business, we stake our reputation on providing the highest-quality service so that our clients can focus on what they do best.

A New Level of Clean

At LACOSTA, our processes are built around the highest standards for keeping people safe. Our processes include PPE for all of our team members, and compliance with all state and local regulations, along with CDC guidelines and client specifications. When it comes to clean, LACOSTA isn’t late to the party – we’re the ones hosting it.

And with customizable cleaning packages for clients, we’ll create the right cleaning strategy for your company. We’ll go the extra mile in keeping you and your employees safe. If you’re interested in a janitorial solution that gets you where you need to be, give us a call or click on the link below.

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