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Meet the LACOSTA Team

Phil Jackson said it best: “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Meet some of the team at LACOSTA Facility Support Services below:

Karla Mota Johnson

Karla Johnson has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion for people that have proven to be key drivers of LACOSTA’s success. Inspired by her mother and father’s property management and cleaning business in the 70s, Karla founded LACOSTA in 1987 and has been steadily growing the company since. Karla attended Ripon College for her undergraduate degree before attending Northwestern’s Executive MBA program.

Her Superpower: she was called the Queen of Clean by her early customers and was even gifted white inspection gloves.

Karla Mota Johnson

President & Owner

Rob Johnson

Rob joined LACOSTA over 30 years ago and excels as the CEO because of his extensive knowledge in Site Operations and desire for long term customer relationships. He attended the University of Illinois before joining the Facility Services Industry in the late 80s. As one of LACOSTA’s most humble team members, Rob has exceptional knowledge and experience in the industry… But you’ll never hear him bragging about it.

His Superpower: he’s a pilot!

Rob Johnson

CEO and Owner

Jeff Johnson

Jeff joined LACOSTA in 2011 as a Lean Process Coordinator, but quickly earned his operational stripes when he was tapped to fill a District Manager position. After 2.5 years of managing delivery in LACOSTA’s Midwest District, he was promoted to Regional Director before becoming the National Sales Director in 2017 and National Business Resource Director in 2020. Jeff is a certified workload specialist and works directly with many new customer relationships. Jeff graduated from the University of Kentucky where he majored in communications and minored in English.

His Superpower: price breakout wizardry!

Jeff Johnson

National Business Resource Director

Jason Glatz

Jaime has 5 years in the janitorial industry and 15 years of multi-site management and training to keep improving our client’s results!  Jaime is Diversey Floor Care certified – Hard Floor Care, Carpet Care; Matting Analysis, OSHA 10, and Restroom Cleaning Certified (ISSA).

Her Superpower: The ability to see the strengths in people and build upon those strengths to guide them into being the leader they were meant to be and achieve outstanding results.

Jaime Snodgrass

Director of Operations

Mike Parks

With a degree in business from The University of Mississippi, Mike has 23 years of experience in contract labor services and 15 years in finance. Mike has worked with the LACOSTA team for 15 years. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and in OSHA 10 and 30 standards.

His Superpower: the ability to spot problems just by walking a site.

Mike Parks

Director of Operations

Jeff joins the LACOSTA team with over 30 years of finish trade experience, and an OSHA 10 and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification! 

His Superpower:  The ability to provide customers with timely, cost-effective solutions for their special needs, no matter the size or scope.


Jeff Maes

Specialty Division District Manager

Josh joined LACOSTA in 2020 with multiple years’ experience in both the operations side of the Building Services Industry as well as facility support sales/industrial sales. Josh obtained a  Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, BSCAI Site Supervisor Certification, OSHA 30 Certification, and Food Safety/HAACP Certifications. His thirst for knowledge makes him a valued resource for his customers

His Superpower: Hunting – In fact, hunting and target archery are not just hobbies for Josh, they are a lifestyle.

Josh Mahoney

District Manager


David joined LACOSTA in 2017 with over a decade of janitorial and floor care experience. He has Lean Sigma Six training, Diversey Training, DiSC and EQ training. David’s hard charging and direct nature makes him unstoppable when focused on a goal or taking care of customers.

His Superpower: Floor Care Guru – David can make any floor shine!

David Steele

District Manager

Alejandra Garza

Alejandra started with LACOSTA in December of 2016 as a Staff Accountant. As a talented, dedicated team member, she quickly learned the ropes and was soon promoted to Accounting Manager. Alejandra earned her B.S. in Commerce: Business Administration (cum laude) from DePaul University.

Her Superpower: seeing the positive in everyone.

Alejandra Garza

Accounting Manager


With a Master’s in Statistics and Applied Economics, Kahina is a five-year veteran at LACOSTA. Our financial team benefits from Kahina’s prior experience in janitorial, cleaning and labor services.

Her Superpower: finding a solution for every problem.

Kahina Zanoune

Senior Accounting Analyst

Lesley Salvon

A tenured member of our LACOSTA team, Lesley has been with the company for 14 years. Before joining the team, Lesley received a Bachelor’s degree from Montana State University, then spent some time in Texas and Colorado in sales support and customer admin roles.

Her Superpower: as a LACOSTA recycling queen, she isn’t opposed to pulling stuff out of the garbage in order to recycle.

Lesley Salvon

Accounts Receivable Representative

With over 35 years of accounting experience, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Wanda to the LACOSTA team!

His Superpower: A smile that can even warm a Grinch’s heart.

Wanda Siiro

A/P Specialist

Before joining the LACOSTA team in 2020, Monica has spent over 5 years in various industries serving HR/Payroll positions!

Her Superpower: Payroll magician. Gets the job done faster than you can say “abracadabra.”

Monica Carrera

Payroll Supervisor

Martha joined LACOSTA in 2021 with multiple years’ experience payroll processing, accounts payable processing and accounts receivable processing. Her associates degree and accounting certifications are used each day as she ensures accurate and timely payment to our team members.

Her Superpower: Energy – She is like the Energizer Bunny and just keeps going!

Martha Nordin

Payroll Specialist

With over 5 years tenure on the LACOSTA team and extensive experience in training and development. Yahaira specializes in training program design, as well as LMS development and administration.

Her Superpower: super speed and the ability to create training modules like there’s no tomorrow.

Yahaira Espinoza

Training & Communication Specialist

Austin joined LACOSTA in 2020 bringing over 4 years of inside sales experience to the team, ensuring we’re connecting with the right businesses that we can provide the best results for.

His Superpower: Can make anyone smile in just seconds!

Austin Rogers

Inside Sales Developer

Lauren joined the LACOSTA family in 2021 bringing an amazing attitude, sales experience and customer service skills that are unmatched. Lauren studied at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is proud to have them as a LACOSTA customer today.

Her Superpower: Southern Hospitality – Lauren’s Cajun roots and southern charm put everyone at ease instantly.

Lauren McCauley

Jr. Sales Representative

Danni joined the team in 2019 and has been a valuable employee since her first day. She has exceptional customer service skills, maintains customer portals like a pro and answers RFP’s  like a boss!

Her Superpower: The ability to see through the legal jargon in a service agreement with her x-ray vision.

Danni Cantu

Sales & Contract Administrator

Raj has worked with LACOSTA for over 9 years and excels at sourcing and retaining exceptional talent for LACOSTA and its clients. With an MBA from Northcentral University and experience in the education field, Raj brings a diverse wealth of knowledge to the LACOSTA team.

Her Superpower: the ability to find the perfect employee for an open position while standing on one leg.

Raj Kaur

Executive Recruiter

Bravo LACOSTA Mascot

Bravo is more than just the mascot for LACOSTA, as Bravo embodies the true spirit of our team members. On the interior, Bravo is a compassionate human spirit who cares for our customers, fellow team members and creating a better work-place. Bravo also has a superhuman exterior that ensures our customer sites are always clean, healthy, safe and efficient. In fact, Bravo was named after the many cheers that customers would give after LACOSTA performs services … BRAVO, BRAVO!!